Luma One for Employees

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Video based Standard Operating Procedures bring exactness and context to procedures and work. Our unique assessment and polling features ensure understanding for first time users. Our rapid search ensures near instant response so workers always have information at hand whenever they need it.

Health and Safety

Quality Control, Health & Safety and Compliance

Streamlining operations, preventing accidents and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations should be a key priority for everyone at work.  As an owner or manager of a business you know that competent employees are valuable. Your business depends on them.

By delivering step by step instruction or process information with knowledge checks you can  ensure a consistent quality control and compliance. Luma One supports you through creation, management and distribution of engaging learning material and measurement of the results.


Increase Productivity

Sales Productivity

When you are rolling out new products, services and updates you need to get your sales team and customer service team up to speed quickly. Your team needs to understand the products in intimate detail. The better they understand the new offerings and updates, the more revenue you will generate and the more your customers will be satisfied.

With Luma One, you can quickly provide context based learning on products and services, track product knowledge and deliver to any device (mobile, tablet, PC).

View Video: Channel Enablement


New Employees

Accelerate time to productivity by putting the right foundation in place for new employees, contractors or new initiatives allows for faster time to contribution and rapid adoption of new initiatives or product roll outs.

When you are rolling out new initiatives you want your employees to comprehend and understand the implications. You want this realized in the shortest time possible. To achieve this you need to ensure your team has the necessary knowledge to perform their work with the information they need, when and where they need it.

Accelerate time to productivity: faster time to contribution, increase engagement, reduce errors.


Skilling and Reskilling


Companies need to always update learners on new products, processes and procedures. Change is constant. This is specifically the case in the skill-intensive manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing companies have been under increasing pressure to become more flexible in staffing levels, working practices, hours of work and the use of contract labour. They are increasingly under pressure to find ways of reducing cost and increasing quality. Multi‐skilling is a great way to achieve these goals and the need for continuous education has become critical.