Luma One for Customers

Workplace Productivity

Channel Productivity

When you are rolling out new products, services and updates into your sales and services channel you need to get your partners up to speed quickly. Your partners need to understand the products and other offerings in intimate detail. The better they understand the new offerings and updates, the more revenue you will generate and the more your customers will be satisfied.

With Luma One, you can quickly provide context based learning on products and services, track product knowledge and deliver to any device (mobile, tablet, PC).

Happy Customer

Customer Experience

Customer experience is always the number one priority from the beginning of the journey to on-going support. You want to ensure customers your customers stay engaged and want to provide support throughout their entire journey from initial use through to ongoing support.

To achieve this you need to ensure your team has the necessary knowledge to support your customers with the information they need, when and where they need it.  You also want customers to be able to help themselves to the knowledge they need whenever they need it.


Professional Training

Modern Professional Training

Traditionally, you have done a lot of classroom training. You have some experience with digital learning but want to take it to the next level, so you can accommodate the needs of your learners.

What if you were able to address a whole new marketspace you may not be able to tap into today. Luma One will help you get there. You know your learners and their needs, we have the technology and expertise to bridge the gap.