Product Overview | Luma One

Our key driving philosophy is to create the easiest way to capture and transfer knowledge. Within Luma One we have embedded the latest proven insights and methods in learning to drive your user's proficiency.

Here are a few highlights of our platform:

A simple, straightforward user experience. Simply select New Topic or List Topic and a user can be creating or editing content in minutes.

Choose from an Industry leading selection of interaction and question types to engage your users. These include multiple choice, fill in the blanks, drag and drop, puzzles, games, links, polling and surveys.

Provide more depth by embedding additional forms of information like documents and video.

Divide video into sections for easy user access.

Divide video into sections for easy user access.

How are your users doing? Luma One tracks and traces how your users engage. Set the values that you want to monitor and generate comprehensive reports.

Luma One interacts with other systems to allow exchange of data like student details, enrolment and scores.

There are options on how you deploy our platform. You can subscribe to our service and do everything yourself or we can manage everything for you or something in between. Its also simple to set it up in low bandwidth or offline environments.

Our powerful localization capability makes it simple to give users content in their native language