FAQs | Interactive Video Learning


Luma One is an intuitive and easy to use software solution used to effectively create and distribute rich interactive learning programs and interactive video based learning. Our comprehensive tracking system measures all of the learning activities ensuring you have clear and detailed insight in user activities and results. All from one solution and in the cloud.

Luma One is a cloud offering which can be up and running in hours. We take care of the technology and you create the courses and analyze the results. We have developed a complimentary rapid launch package with optional services (video capture and editing, training, implementation, etc.) to accelerate the implementation.

  • Built with and for customers - we understand educational processes and technology

  • Luma One allows for easy creation of rich interactive content and videos, provides insight in granular analytics, can be integrated with 3rd party systems and includes streaming capabilities for optimized delivery

  • Anyone can start using Luma One in days - whether you are a novice user or training company taking some first steps in interactive courses or highly experienced with e-learning and are interested in deploying interactive video’s to groups of user Luma One fits the needs

  • Luma One is an intuitive platform with a minimal learning curve.

Luma One can be used as a standalone platform or can be deployed alongside existing solutions like a Learning Management System. Our API’s take care of the distribution of content to the relevant users and tracking of the results.

Luma One can be used by any type and size of organisation and scales without any limitations. Luma One works for any organisation that is interested in deploying interactive (video) courses to increase learner engagement and knowledge retention and is suitable for any organisation that has 5 hours of video to more than 10,000 hours.

For any organisation that is interested in increasing learner engagement and knowledge; augmenting employee productivity; faster adoption of new products and services; enhancing communications with your partners, or enriching your current courses with rich interactive content, ZAVANGO Luma One offers significant value and benefit.

Luma One is a permission-based system which can only be accessed with a username and password

Luma One supports adaptive learning through pre-tests and assessments.

Analytics and Reporting

We have implemented the Experience API (xAPI/Tin Can API) and are able to capture all of the learning statements/activities of a user. These statements are aggregated and displayed through dashboards in our analytics module.

All learning and developer activity is tracked and stored in the database. The reporting engine itself is configurable and allows you to create as many different reports as you need: assessment Overview, Attempts, Completion, Mastery, Report Scores, Usage, etc.

Content Types

Interactions include: adding text objects, different question types, external links, bookmarks, statements and tables to the video.

Luma One provides more than 15 different content types including: Question types (includes: drag & drop, fill in the blank, multiple choice), gamification (board game, memory game), image hotspots, presentations, neuro tracker object and many more.


  • Drag & Drop / Matching

  • Discovery Interactions (hotspots)

  • Multiple choice / one answer

  • Multiple choice / multiple correct answers

  • True / False

  • Drag the words

  • Mark the words

  • Flash cards

  • Dialogue cards

  • Memory game

  • Board game

  • Summary (statements)

  • Multiple Attempts Ability to allow for multiple attempts on all questions (Retry button)

  • Textual question creation next to form based question creation

  • Questions Feedback Enables feedback after right and wrong answers

  • Question Sets with Random Selection

  • Enables randomized distracters for multiple-choice questions


We work with a secure Log-In based on a User ID and password. MD5 Encryption Administrators can optionally choose to encrypt all passwords on the system

We provide multiple security levels for access to system functions.