Modern Learning Defined

Modern Learning is about what works in learning.

According to John Hattie’s book Visible Learning, he proves that interactive video improves learning retention by 52% vs other methods. He supported his findings through an analysis of 50,000 research papers used in a Meta-study covering more than 240 million students.

Learning should be adaptive to each persons learning style and job requirements. It is micro learning where you can measure the outcome. Computer software adapts the presentation of educational material according to students’ learning needs, as indicated by their response to questions, tasks and experiences.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, video says it all. Video learning is visual. Todays technology allows you to make it interactive with embedded content such as documents and graphics, assessments, polling, surveys and social connectors.

Interactivity allows you to engage the learner helping them to exercise and practise their knowledge through tests, assessments and remediation. It is about active engagement.

Analytics work in the background using data generated with learner interactions and accomplishments. This allows management to adjust accordingly and the learner to assess their progress.

Accessibility, making the learning readily available is as simple as having the learning engagement on a tablet on the factory floor, a quick service restaurant kitchen or any location.

Engagement, making learning easy to access, anywhere, anytime. Effective and engaging material for specific targeted groups. For example, safety procedures for running a forklift safely made available on a tablet in the manufacturing location. Why does it work? It is about context- talking the language of the targeted audience.

Social Media, such as blogs, twitter posts, news feeds can all be incorporated into videos to reinforce learning. According to Mark Zuckerberg, 90% of all Facebook content will be video by 2018. Whether it is a YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, or Luma One by Zavango video, all can be incorporated into an engaging learning experience. Video will be pervasive.