Interactive Video Helps The Manufacturing Industry Impact Their Bottom Line

  • Business, Technology, Planning

According to a recent joint study by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute THE SKILLS GAPS ARE WIDENING. “7 out of 10 executives reported shortages of workers with adequate technology, computer, and technical training skills. The executives see developing their workforces as the most effective way to remedy the problem, with 94 percent agreeing internal employee training and development programs are among the most effective skilled production workforce development strategies.” This is particularly critical as supply chains shorten creating more demand for skilled workers.

The challenge of developing skills and capabilities has become critical. The rich context provided by interactive video gives employees the ability to rapidly learn new skills and capabilities. Additionally, interactivity in the form of assessments, surveys and polling can be easily used to evaluate comprehension and enhances the learning and on-the-job experience.

One example is automating access to the companies Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Employees can view these SOPs in video format showing actual procedures being performed correctly at a pace that ensures comprehension. Giving employees this access, testing their understanding and certifying them on specific procedures will have a positive impact on quality control, health & safety and compliance. Ultimately, employee productivity will increase and workplace accidents will decrease thus impacting the companies bottom line. By delivering step by step instruction or process information with knowledge checks you can ensure a consistent quality control and compliance. Luma One by Zavango supports you through creation, management and distribution of engaging learning material and measurement of the results.

Result: Decrease production errors and increase consistency in quality, reduce safety incidents by keeping policies & procedures top of mind, reduce costs, track, report and analyze your metrics and key safety performance indicators in real-time to support regulatory and compliance programs.