Enriching the Customer Experience

  • Business, Technology, Learning

Why should interactive video fit into your overall strategy for improving customer experience? As an emerging engagement tool, interactive video learning fits into an overall strategy for the entire customer lifecycle.

How does Learning Drive Engagement?

Learning drives knowledge, knowledge drives empowered customers. Whether you are trying to operate a new chain saw or use a sophisticated software, a user-friendly learning experience takes the friction out of the process. It is about making the complex simple and easy to understand.

Learning increases adoption. The faster the end user can learn your product, the faster they will be up and running and productive. The more likely they will be to recommend your product. Learning creates deep and meaningful interactions. There are strong connections between increased lifetime value and the level of product education.

Learning builds community. A key ingredient in forging a lasting and engaging relationship is contextual customer community development. Peers helping peers and ultimately improving your brand awareness.

Learning drives feedback mechanism from consumer to business/employee to employer through smart analytics.

Learning facilitates product certification.

Finally, an excellent customer experience drives sales and brand loyalty.