How to use Interactivity in Videos to Enhance Learner Engagement

As mentioned in our recent blog Making the Business Case for Interactive Video Based Learning, video has become pervasive in society. The millennials entering the workforce, camera in pocket, has changed the landscape of knowledge capture, and sharing for future generations. Sharing knowledge with video is finally simple.

Why use interactive videos for learner engagement? One only has to consider the number of YouTube videos on the internet to realize it is the most popular form of communication today and it will only increase in popularity. So why not take your passive videos and make them interactive to build engagement and measurement?

Both operational areas of business and learning and development departments are working diligently to bring the power of video to their employees and customers mobile devices and computers where and when they need it.

The benefits of adding interactivity to video:

  • Achieve up to a 54% increase in learner retention - substantially reduce learning time.

  • Allows you to program pauses and introduce learner interactions with elements such as embedded documents, links, surveys, and knowledge checks. This can take the form of a quiz on what they have viewed or a link to another document.

  • Frequent interactivities ensures that the learner stays engaged until the end of the video.

Beyond the improved engagement and retention, interactivity provides senior management with measurable, qualitative feedback and quantitative behavioural data from employees. As they interact with the video, their responses are logged and tracked and this data can be valuable for adjusting future learning modules.

Our Luma One software allows you to integrate several interactivity types including questions, polling, links, documents, video and more. Additionally, Luma One also has analytics and reporting that gives you complete visibility of your users.