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How to capture Standard Operating Procedures in 5 easy steps

Putting together engaging instructional video is not difficult but it does take some time and skills to get it right. Click Read More to see the 5 steps to think about when you are capturing video of a standard operating procedure ...

Enhance Learner Engagement

As mentioned in our recent blog Making the Business Case for Interactive Video Based Learning, video has become pervasive in society. The millennials entering the workforce, camera in pocket, has changed the landscape of knowledge capture, and sharing for future generations. Sharing knowledge with video is finally simple.

Business Case

Video has become pervasive in society. The millennials entering the workforce, camera in pocket, has changed the landscape of knowledge capture, and sharing for future generations. Gone are the days of traditional classroom instruction. The millennial's have shorter attention spans and want instant access to learning.

Video Learning

In today’s highly demanding and competitive industrial landscape manufacturing companies have to be flexible and quickly adapt to market requirements. They come to realize that the fundamental changes going on within the industry also require better educated or more highly qualified personnel on the work floor in a number of different ways.

Video Learning

Zavango Corporation a leading provider of video based knowledge sharing software, announced today that the company has been named a 2016 Hot Vendor in Learning by Aragon Research for its Luma One software.  Zavango was included in the Aragon Research Note among six vendors who are innovating in the Learning market and representing where the market is headed.

Video Learning

According to the famous research firm Gartner, there will be nearly 30 billion devices on the Internet of Things by 2020. These things are physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity which allow them to exchange data with other devices and also with people to allow for better decision making.

Video Learning

Zavango Corporation, a leading provider of video centric knowledge sharing applications, today announced the release of its innovative Luma One 2016 Knowledge Sharing Platform for Manufacturing and Other Industries. Luma One 2016 uniquely simplifies the knowledge capture and transfer process to ensure businesses provide quality goods, services and meet regulatory requirements. It’s the second major release of Zavango’s award winning Platform.

Video Learning

Two thirds of employees in manufacturing are not optimally engaged with their daily work in a highly competitive environment. Here are ten reasons for starting to use video based learning right now and take advantage of the gains in productivity and engagement. Visual learning is natural, one learns from watching others. Alfred Bandura, the famous Canadian learning psychologist, calls this “social learning”.

Video Learning

Training and learning in the year 2020 will take advantage of new and innovative technologies that are currently under development, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Interactive Video. Changes in the workforce and in the nature of work itself call for these new, more “consumer oriented” learning experiences. More than 90% of learners prefer bite-sized learning that is focused and actionable.

Video Learning

In modern teaching environments, efforts have been made to implement the Universal Design for Learning. UDL is a plan for teaching which, through the use of technology and adaptable lesson plans, aims to help the maximum number of learners comprehend and retain information by appealing to all learning styles.

Blended Learning

Modern Learning is about what works in learning. According to John Hattie’s book Visible Learning, he proves that interactive video improves learning retention by 52% vs other methods. He supported his findings through an analysis of 50,000 research papers used in a Meta-study covering more than 240 million students. Learning should be adaptive to each persons learning style and job requirements. It is micro learning where you can measure the outcome.

Why should interactive video fit into your overall strategy for improving customer experience? As an emerging engagement tool, interactive video learning fits into an overall strategy for the entire customer lifecycle. How does Learning Drive Engagement Learning drives knowledge, knowledge drives empowered customers. Whether you are trying to operate a new chain saw or use a sophisticated software, a user-friendly learning experience takes the friction out of the process. It is about making the complex simple and easy to understand.

Onboarding is the first interaction with a new employee. Done well, it gives the employee the tools they need to integrate into the organizations culture and become productive in their new role. Onboarding also takes place when roles change within an organization or when employees are promoted to new departments or a new location. New Facilities require onboarding as technology upgrades often take place concurrently.

Montréal, Canada and The Hague, The Netherlands - ZAVANGO Corporation, a leader in modern learning technology, won two coveted Brandon Hall Group awards for their Engage Platform. The focus for these awards was Zavango’s interactive Video, video assessment and video analytics technology. The company was awarded a silver with its customer Online Trading Academy and another bronze award for Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology. “We are delighted to have been chosen for these awards and consider it an honor” said Goran Kattenberg Vice-President Product.

Learning is evolving. It is becoming more social, less formal, and highly mobile. Learning is no longer restricted to a classroom, as we can see from the quick rise of video-based learning. There are big questions looming for current learning providers: how can we keep learners engaged and properly manage learning and skill transfer? How do we properly track learning success and capture data about their learning outcomes? As the technology has evolved, so too have the learning standards. These standards have attempted to answer the challenge of tracking and data capture, but they often create challenges for organizations and vendors.

According to a recent joint study by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute THE SKILLS GAPS ARE WIDENING. “7 out of 10 executives reported shortages of workers with adequate technology, computer, and technical training skills. The executives see developing their workforces as the most effective way to remedy the problem, with 94 percent agreeing internal employee training and development programs are among the most effective skilled production workforce development strategies.”